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Shift Manager -
Shift scheduling made easy

Creating a shift schedule has never been easier and more efficient. With Shift Manager, you and your company will get a full overview of the staffing plan, available personnel and many other functions - all in one place.

Shift manager få tiden til å gå opp
La ansatte selv registrere tidsbruk, slik at du får enkel oversikt
La ansatte selv registrere tidsbruk, slik at du får enkel oversikt

Shift Schedule

Effective and simple planning

Let Shift Manager do the job of shift planning! The program provides a full overview of the shift schedule and registers each employee's requests and nonattendance, and immediately creates a new duty schedule - all in line with the relevant legal requirements.

Planlegg arbeidsdagen enkelt gjennom shift manager appen


All information - in a single app

It should be easy to know when you have to work. The My Shift app gives employees easy access to shift schedules, nonattendance and a full overview of holidays and available shifts.

Are there any gaps in the work plan? My Shift allows employees to report directly to the company, and gives management options for staffing immediately.

Planlegg arbeidsdagen enkelt gjennom shift manager appen
Stemple inn og ut, raskt og enkelt
Stemple inn og ut, raskt og enkelt


Register in – register out

Registration of working hours is easy, via mobile, tablet or PC, and gives the company a full overview of attendance and nonattendance.

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Get the complete picture

Shift Manager shows you clear statistics on salary costs, overtime hours and more - all in real time.

Se helheten når du planlegger arbeidshverdagen
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Over 7,000 satisfied customers

After 25 years in the industry, we have learned how to help with the flow in your workplace.

"The municipality has used Shift Manager as a shift system since 2006. The shift system provides a good overview and control of daily operations at each individual unit. The My Shift employee portal gives employees access from home to view their shift, holiday and absence overview, time off and to enter requests and is well reveived. The staff can also enter extra work/overtime, request a change, and view and approve the timesheet from home, which makes the work easier for the manager. Working with KDO as a supplier is perceived as efficient and result oriented."


"We have used Shift Manager since 2015, and for us who were used to delivering time/absence lists in Excel, this was a huge transition. KDO provided very good training, and after a short time this system was up and running. The system is integrated into our payroll system, so that all variations (hours from meetings, courses, overtime, absences, holidays) are registered in the system. We have recently switched from a 5- to 6-shift system, and together with KDO a new shift plan was created. Our operators use My Shift, so that they register all their variations themselves. Then it is only for me to approve this in the system. This means that I spend only minutes sending all corrections for approximately 110 operators over to the payroll system. KDO appears to me as highly professional, and not least solution-oriented in the system. All inquiries are quickly followed up, and we have had Shift Manager tailored to our specifications."


"Have been a user and super user of Shift Manager for over 20 years. I have been very satisfied and happy with the system and use the functions in the system. Has made every-day work much easier when you plan shifts. I have always received good help and support when I have been stuck. I have always been greeted with friendliness no matter what I have had questions about. It has always been pleasant to meet the Shift Manager employees both in person and by phone. Courses are available when you report a need."


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