En arbeidsplan som gjør arbeidet lett

Simple resource management

Shift Manager provides you with many functions that make resource management easier.
  • Do you experience changes in available personnel? The Shift Manager immediately provides proposals for new shift schedules, adapted to the company's rotation and shift solution.
  • Register all forms of absence, holiday, extra work, time off and internal changes, or receive requests for processing from employees.
  • The program counts working hours, updates timesheet, and ensures that the relevant legal requirements are complied with, as well as control over overtime hours.
  • The plan has a simple design, gives you an overview of several weeks at a time.
En enkel ansattportal


My Shift – an accessible employee portal

It should be easy to know when you have to go to work - and to tell the management when you are prevented to do so. Shift Manager's own app, My Shift, gives the employee:
  • Full overview of their working hours.
  • Possibility to take up available shifts, plan holidays and change shifts.
  • Easy communication with management to register nonattendance.
  • The app also allows functions such as sending out temporary work contracts and allows employees to find replacements for a shift on duty themselves.
La ansatte enkelt registrere sin arbeidstid

Easy scheduling

Simple time recording

With Shift Manager, you can easily sign in and out of the working day – on a mobile phone, PC or tablet. In addition, the program can:
  • Show an overview of attendance.
  • Let you as an administrator process constraints
Få kontroll med ett overblikk


Reports and statistics - all in real time

Get a simple overview of the hours used in your company! With Shift Manager you get:
  • Full overview of working hours and deviations through tables and graphs - all in real time.
  • Control of costs for variable pay and overtime work.
  • Integrated solutions to comply with the current legal requirements and rest time regulations.
  • Simple search functions to find the information you need.

Interacts with your systems

Shift Manager communicates with your HR system, as well as other specialist systems.
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